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- django-markupmirror
 **django-markupmirror** is a custom field and widget for editing markup text
 in Django. It utilizes the `CodeMirror`_ JS editor for a richer editing

File docs/changelog.rst

- Changelog
 0.1 - unreleased
 * Initial release including ``MarkupMirrorField`` field,
   ``MarkupMirrorTextarea`` and ``AdminMarkupMirrorTextareaWidget`` widgets and

File docs/index.rst

 .. _django-markupfield:
 .. _FeinCMS:
+.. note::
+   django-markupmirror is currently tested with Django 1.4 on Python 2.6 and
+   2.7 only, but with almost complete test coverage.
 .. include:: quickstart.rst
 import os
+import textwrap
 from setuptools import setup
 from setuptools import find_packages
     author=", ".join([a[0] for a in AUTHORS]),
     author_email=", ".join([a[1] for a in AUTHORS]),
-    description="Django field and widget for editing markup content.",
+    description=textwrap.dedent("""\
+        Django field and widget for editing markup content (PlainText, HTML,
+        Markdown, reStructuredText, Textile) using the CodeMirror editor with
+        live preview."""),
         read('docs', 'quickstart.rst'),