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Added documentation about FeinCMS integration.

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+.. _feincms:
+ FeinCMS Integration
+django-markupmirror provides easy integration with `Feinheit's FeinCMS`_ in
+form of a `custom content-type`_.
+The only thing you need to do to use it, is to register the
+``MarkupMirrorContent`` content-type model with your ``Page`` configuration::
+    from feincms.module.page.models import Page
+    from markupmirror.feincms.models import MarkupMirrorContent
+    Page.create_content_type(MarkupMirrorContent)
+After that you should synchronize your database structure. Find out `how to
+use South to migrate your FeinCMS tables`_ in FeinCMS' documentation.
+.. _Feinheit's FeinCMS: http://feinheit.ch/media/labs/feincms/
+.. _custom content-type:
+    http://feinheit.ch/media/labs/feincms/contenttypes.html
+.. _how to use South to migrate your FeinCMS tables:
+    http://feinheit.ch/media/labs/feincms/migrations.html

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