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  • To install django-markupmirror, use pip (or easy_install or simply python install from source) and add 'markupmirror' to the INSTALLED_APPS in your Django project.

    $ pip install django-markupmirror
  • In your specify at least MARKUPMIRROR_DEFAULT_MARKUP_TYPE which is 'plaintext' by default.

  • For the markup HTML-preview, you'll need to add markupmirror's URLs in your URLconf. In your add:

    import markupmirror.urls
    urlpatterns = patterns('',
        (r'^markupmirror/', include(markupmirror.urls.preview)),


django-markupmirror depends on:

  • Django 1.4+ (for now tested with 1.4 only), obviously.
  • FeinCMS 1.5+ (for now tested with 1.5.3 and 1.6.2 only), if you want to use the page content-type.
  • Markdown 2.1+, if you want to use the MarkdownMarkup converter.
  • Docutils 0.8+, if you want to use the ReStructuredTextMarkup converter.
  • Textile 2.1+, if you want to use the TextileMarkup converter.

The three latter will be available automatically if the respective dependencies are met.

Settings & Configuration

Use the configuration variables below in your to customize the behaviour of django-markupmirror: