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from __future__ import absolute_import, unicode_literals
import textwrap

from django.utils.safestring import SafeData

from django.test import TestCase

__all__ = ('FeinCMSTests',)

class FeinCMSTests(TestCase):
    """Tests the ``markupmirror.feincms`` module that provides integration
    into FeinCMS as page content-type.

    def test_import(self):
        """The ``markupmirror.feincms`` app can only be installed when
        FeinCMS is installed.

        # returns True if feincms is installed or False otherwise
        def import_markupmirror_feincms():
                import markupmirror.feincms
                return True
            except ImportError:
                return False

        # unregister previous imports
        import sys
        to_delete = [
            module for module in sys.modules
            if (module.startswith('markupmirror.feincms') or
        for module in to_delete:
            del sys.modules[module]
        self.assertFalse('markupmirror.feincms' in sys.modules)
        self.assertFalse('feincms' in sys.modules)

        # save original import
        import __builtin__
        original_import = __builtin__.__import__

        # patch and test the import
        def import_hook(name, *args, **kwargs):
            if name in 'feincms':
                raise ImportError("TestCase ImportError")
                original_import(name, *args, **kwargs)
        __builtin__.__import__ = import_hook

        # without FeinCMS, the import should fail

        # with FeinCMS installed, the import should work
        # restore import
        __builtin__.__import__ = original_import

        # restore normal import
        from markupmirror.feincms import models
        self.assertTrue('markupmirror.feincms' in sys.modules)
        self.assertTrue('markupmirror.feincms.models' in sys.modules)

    def test_markupmirror_content(self):
        """Tests registering and rendering a ``MarkupMirrorContent`` instance
        with a FeinCMS ``Page``.

        from import Page
        from markupmirror.markup.base import markup_pool

        mmc_type = Page._feincms_content_types[0]
        obj = mmc_type()
        obj.content = "**markdown**"

        # fake DB does not have page_page_markupmirrorcontent table
        rendered = markup_pool[obj.content.markup_type](obj.content.raw)
        obj.content_rendered = rendered

        with self.assertTemplateUsed('content/markupmirror/default.html'):
            self.assertIsInstance(obj.render(), SafeData)