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{{ project_name }}

  1. Create Virtualenv and activate it (virtualenvwrapper required):

    $ mkvirtualenv --distribute -p python2.7 {{ project_name }}
  2. Install Django up front to use the startproject command:

    ({{ project_name}})$ pip install Django
  3. Create project from template within your repository:

    ({{ project_name }})$ cd ~/Sites/project_repository/
    ({{ project_name }})$ startproject \
        --template \
        --extension py,rst {{ project_name }} .
  4. Install remaining requirements:

    ({{ project_name }})$ pip install -r requirements.txt
  5. Modify to your needs:

    ({{ project_name }})$ cp
    ({{ project_name }})$ vim

    Note is a template for ``local_settings that should be version-controlled, but not contain your SECRET_KEY or database passwords.

  6. Sync database:

    ({{ project_name }})$ python syncdb

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