Anonymous committed c11521e

DAQ module uber-sample tweak:
. commented out the lines involving the I2C sensors by default
. Moved the daq.reboot() call to the very end of the sample, otherwise the last call to Log() throws an exception

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                 //Uncomment this section only if you have these I2C sensors connected to the DAQ module
-                I2cHIH613xTest();
-                I2cBmp085Test();
-                I2cTSL2561Test();
+                //I2cHIH613xTest();
+                //I2cBmp085Test();
+                //I2cTSL2561Test();
                 Log(">>>UNCAUGHT EXCEPTION: " + e.Message);
+            Log("Reboot()");
-            Log("Reboot()");
         public static void MultiGpioWriteTest() {
             Log("MultiGpioWriteTest begin");
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