2012, 24 march


SwingCMS is a Content Management System focused on three main goals: simplicity, flexibility and solidity. It is builted on top of Django framework.

SwingCMS is inspired by the best Python content management systems, it tries to be an essential version. Main features are the hierarchical and contents typology organization, and the exhaustive and granular permissions management.

So, SwingCMS is especially suitable to manage information systems wherein a who does what exact control, a contents organization and introduction dynamic plasticity, an intuitive use by contributors and users, are required.


  • Hierarchical contents
  • Granular permission system
  • Editorial workflow
  • Wysiwyg editor
  • Extensible with apps
  • Multilanguage
  • Plugins architecture
  • SEO optimization
  • Startup content set
  • Html/Css customizable
  • Admin panel
  • Interfaces for all
  • Agenda
  • Email/newsgroup manager


  • python 2.6 or higher. Untested with python 3.x.
  • django 1.3.x.
  • PIL (python library for image manipulation)
  • rdiff-backup (differential backup service)


Read TUTORIAL and inline comment for documentation.