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-Hierarchical contents
-Granular permission system
-Editorial workflow
-Wysiwyg editor
-Extensible with apps
-Plugins architecture
-SEO optimization
-Startup content set
-Html/Css customizable
-Admin panel
-Interfaces for all
-Email/newsgroup manager
+- Hierarchical contents
+- Granular permission system
+- Editorial workflow
+- Wysiwyg editor
+- Extensible with apps
+- Multilanguage
+- Plugins architecture
+- SEO optimization
+- Startup content set
+- Html/Css customizable
+- Admin panel
+- Interfaces for all
+- Agenda
+- Email/newsgroup manager
+- python 2.6 or higher. Untested with python 3.x.
+- django 1.3 or higher.
+- PIL (python library for image manipulation)
+- rdiff-backup (differential backup service)
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