django-swingcms / swingcms / custodian / templates / custodian / edit_specific_perms.html

{% load i18n %}

<div id='custodian'>

    <h2>Edit permissions on {{ obj_model_name }} {{ obj_id }}</h2>
    <br />


			    <b>Groups</b><br />
			    <br />			
			    {% for g in groups %}
				    <a href='/edit_specific_perms/group/{{ }}/{{ obj_model_name }}/{{ obj_id }}'>{{ }}</a><br />
			    {% endfor %}		


			    <b>Users</b><br />
			    <br />			
			    {% for u in users %}
				    <a href='/edit_specific_perms/user/{{ }}/{{ obj_model_name }}/{{ obj_id }}'>{{ u.username }}</a><br />
			    {% endfor %}	


{{ notes }}
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