ptracking ========= # Requirements ptracking requires the following packages to build: * build-essential * g++ * cmake * libxml2 * boost * opencv * gnuplot while this requirement is optional to build the Kinect section of PTaLer: * libfreenect ( - a request for getting access is required: while this requirement is optional to build the Xtion section of PTaLer: * OpenNI2 while this requirement is optional to build the ImageDetection section of PTaLer: * Imbs ( while these requirements are mandatory if and only if, you are running a 64-bit Linux distribution but the library have to be compiled for a 32-bit Linux distribution: * libc6-dev-i386 * libgmp3-dev On Xubuntu (Ubuntu) 14.04 LTS (kernel 3.13.0-37), these dependencies are resolved by installing the following packages: - build-essential - cmake - libxml2 - libxml2-dev - libboost1.54-all-dev - libopencv-dev - gnuplot - gnuplot-x11 - libopenni2-dev (optional) - libc6-dev-i386 (32-bit Linux distribution) - libgmp3-dev (32-bit Linux distribution) and building the following ones (if needed): - libfreenect - Imbs Maybe to install the OpenNI2 library, you need to add these lines at the end of the /etc/apt/sources.list file: * ## OpenNI2 * deb trusty main * deb-src trusty main and then typing in a terminal: * sudo apt-get update # How to build The only development platform is Linux. We recommend a so-called out of source build which can be achieved by the following command sequence: - mkdir build - cd build - cmake ../src - make -j\<number-of-cores+1\> # Installation Once the build phase has been successfully, the library have to be installed so that it can be linked in other projects. This is achieved by the following command sequence: - cd build - sudo make install After the installation the header files have been copied to /usr/local/include/PTracking, while the shared object has been copied to /usr/local/lib/PTracking. The executables: * PTaLer * PTracker * PViewer * PVisualizer have been copied to /usr/local/bin. The last step before correctly using the library is to logout because the file ~/.profile has been modified by the installation. # Usage Before executing any program, you need to verify in the parameters.cfg file whether the filtering parameters are suitable for the chosen environment. * To execute PTaLer you need to have either a set of images or a live sensor (e.g., Kinect or Xtion) or an observation file and type in to a terminal one of the following command: * PTaLer <problem-file> <frame-rate> -img <first-image-file> [ -loadbg <background-file> -calib <calibration-directory> -agentId <agent-number> -pause ] * PTaLer <problem-file> <frame-rate> -s <sensor-type> [ -loadbg <background-file> -calib <calibration-directory> -agentId <agent-number> -pause ] * PTaLer <problem-file> <frame-rate> -obs <observation-file> * To execute the tracking algorithm you just need to have an observation file and type in to a terminal the following command: - PTracker \<path-observation-file\> * To visualize in Gnuplot the tracking data generated by PTracker type in to another terminal: - PViewer