What are these programs for?

  • obsession-logout displays a dialog where you can choose if you want to quit the session power off, suspend or hibernate the computer.

  • obsession-exit, this is the command line version of obsession-logout.


I'm a big fan of Openbox and LXDE, but I don't need all the features of the last one. So starting from LXDE project and keeping what is useful (for me) was a good start to have a very lightweight desktop easy to manage.

This is so old school!

Yes but it works with ConsoleKit, UPower and systemd.


the programs obsession-logout and obsession-exit uses a configuration file named obsession.conf. This file is automatically created in the .config directory located in the user home.

The key screenlock sets the screen lock command. The key logout defines the logout command. Their respective default values are xlock -mode blank and openbox --exit.