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AscensionUltra / Base Components

Ascension Ultra Base Components

The Base will be broken down into 3 section:

1. base.cfg file I want to avoid rendering graphics in the base.cfg file, as this reduces the image quality. However, only base.cfg meshes will take a shadow. Always loaded, this will be visible at long range 500km.

  • Therefore, this file will be used for the following:
    • VOR Beacons
    • Runways
    • Taxiways

2. Island Mesh High poly/resolution island Topography mesh. Loaded as a vessel, this will be visible at long range circa 500km.

3. The functional base. All the buildings and other structures on the base. Loaded as a vessel, this will only be visible at close range circa 100km, and when under altitude circa 100km. It is this part that contains all the animations and functionality. Loading will be done dynamically within the dll.