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AscensionUltra / Island Topography

Island Topography

The new island is not made from a base tile and seperate hills (like WIN). Instead it is a single mesh. This allows much more control over the topography and scaling. This means the new island is more accurately modelled on the real world dimensions and contours.

The island also has a new hi-res texture (4096*4096). This, combined with the fact the base is rendered as a vessel, means it looks a lot nicer than WIN.

Alpha Mesh and Texture available from Source.

This pic shows the difference between the texture rendered in Orbiter as a base object vs. as a vessel object. (top is base, bottom is vessel)

Alpha Topography

shot of the alpha mesh in AC3D

Alpha Topography

shot of the alpha mesh in Orbiter with TA1-1 on the tarmac

Alpha Topography

shot of alpha mesh with base plane in Orbiter with 5 TA1 at the proper location

Alpha Topography

shot of correction of shadows around alpha mesh by means of FLAG option in mesh file

Shadow bug fixed

shot of correction of curvature bug by means of repositioning hangars wrt. topo mesh

Curvature bug fixed

shot of placeholder mesh