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AscensionUltra / MFD Components

Basic breakdown of MFD functions.

The MFD will control the functionality of the base. It will be designed to provide an engaging interface for the player. The basic idea, shown below, aims to create a radio style communication interface.

The layout is closely resembling a wizard-style user interface.

This picture shows the base selection page. If more than one Ascension Island instance is present (maybe due to future inheritance for Toehold and the like), the following page for selection is displayed:

Base selection page

Here the button description page is displayed. Basically 3 selection methods are possible:

  1. Direct selection via left selectors right beside the text. Page switchers are used for more than 6 items.
  2. Up/Down selection via marker movement.
  3. Key shortcuts for direct and/or up/down selection.

Selection page button description

All menus with selection items are displayed in the same style:

Menu page

MFD Menu

  1. Ground
  2. ATC
  3. Command
  4. Rooster

Page Ground

  1. Request Roll-in/Roll-out - Choose your hangar to activate the doors
  2. Request Taxi - Select your desired taxi route from the list, triggers relevant beacon array path markers.
  3. Request Cargo Management - Select the hangar, use the crane
  4. Request Launch - Select launch facility with preflight stages in sequence, each needing activation
    1. LFMC - Passenger Terminal, fueling, access to launch tunnel. Each having appropriate animations.
    2. VLC 1 - VAB (rocket attachment), roll-out, fueling, Passenger Terminal
    3. VLC 2 - same as VLC 1
  5. Request Passenger Transfer - Select room of nearest hangar to (virtually) dock the current vessel to. Only works in landed vessels

Page ATC

  1. Request Bearing - presents the bases bearing relative to the vessel
  2. Request Clearance to Land - Select desired runway for landing, this will trigger that runway's beacon arrays and tune the nav channel to that ILS, if possible
  3. Request Final Launch Clearance - Activates the final stage of appropriate launch facility
    1. LFMC - final animations and beacon activation
    2. VLC 1 - countdown with access tunnel animation, thrust and detach control
    3. VLC 2 - same as VLC 1

Page Control

  1. Select Control Room - presents list of available Control Rooms that can be accessed around the base

Page Rooster

  1. Select Person - presents list of available UMMU persons throughout the complex
  2. Edit Person - displays all UMMU properties as well as location, provides EVA, deletion, location-change functions