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AscensionUltra / Module skeletons

Design is divided as follows:

  • Configuration DLL in /module/plugins/startup AscensionUltraConfigurator.dll
    • Settings dialog
    • Automatic loading of base (if set)
    • Automatic loading of MFD (if set)
  • Vessel plugin in /module AscensionUltra.dll
    • UCGO2.0 - Cargo grapple/store/deploy/creation/consumption/ressource-provider
    • OrbiterSound3.5 - Sounds for animations
    • Animations
    • Level of detail wrt. camera distance
    • UMMU2.0 - UMMU entry/exit/creation/delete/action-areas
    • UMMU access/egress to buildings/base via multiple locations around the base.
    • UMMU rooster managed by MFD
    • Direct rooster to hangar-vessel transfer
    • Cockpit control room, both in hangars and main mission control, with MFDs for base/ummu control and management.