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AscensionUltra / Portal crane logic


The crane class is a fully animated 3-axes portal robot. In manual mode, a controller (keybinding 'V' from within the AscensionUltra vessel) is stearing the crane via direct keyboard interaction. This keyboard interaction is implemented via keyboard hooks, so it won't interfere with Orbiter's native keybindings. As soon as a controller invokes stearing, the hooks take over, with a keypress the hooks are released again.


In 01a46fc7fa4d , the crane logic is implemented as follows:

  • Invoke crane controller with key V while AscensionUltra vessel is focused - debug string will show "Crane online"
  • A/D commands X axis (the long one) left and right
  • W/S commands Y axis (the short one) left and right
  • Q/E commands Z axis (reel) down and up
  • Key B will return to normal keyboard mode
  • all commands can be used concurrently (e.g. use A and W/S to do a sine track)
  • all commands can be used in connection with SHIFT - this will reduce speed from currently 10 m/s to 1 m/s for "fine" control
  • While crane controller is online, you can switch around in Orbiter as much you like, even change vessel focus (e.g. to a UMMU standing inside the hangar). The above keys stay bound to the crane controller until you press B.

Future features

  • UCGO slot in the gripper
  • The robot can have 2 modes: auto and manual.
  • action-area UMMU or remote MFD invocation
  • Some additional keys allow grappling, ungrappling as well as setting waypoints (3 should be enough).
  • Auto mode is just using the 3 waypoints to run a pick&place movement.