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AscensionUltra / Taxiways

Taxiway/Runway Lines and Signage

The base will have enough signage and ground guidance to allow for effective navigation of the base.

Although somewhat simplified from reality, it is directly based on real world implementation.

Early shot of the taxiway guidelines

Alpha taxiway guide lines

Taxiway Plan

Taxiway plan

  1. Purple - Taxiway A
  2. Red - Taxiway B
  3. Orange - Taxiway C
  4. Green - Taxiway D

Taxiway/Runway Signage

Example of Taxiway Signage

Center-lines of taxiways have beacon paths

Recipe for strobe fun (see Debug Commands):

  • Select taxiway with 'C'
  • Activate taxiway with 'O'
  • Press 'I' and set parameters to 3.00 0.20 -0.15 0.00
  • To revert the path, press 'I' and change sign on first parameter to -3.00