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AscensionUltra / Turn Around Hangar

Turn Around Hangar (Alpha)

The Turn Around Hangar is a new addition to Ascension. It is designed to allow cargo vessels to be processed quickly and readied for flight - much like a modern airliner, but with a bit more spacey stylings!

  • Main features:
    • Hi-Poly mesh
    • Hi-res textures
    • Huge size designed to accommodate the XR5 Vanguard or 3 DG class vessels.
    • All functions controlled through the BCMFD
    • Animated Doors
    • Controllable/functional Cargo Crane
    • UMMU compatible - UMMUs can control door opening via action-areas, can ingress to crew lounges
    • Reactive Guidance and hazard beacon arrays
  • Secondary features:
    • Save and restore of door and crane positions and states
    • Support for recording and replaying door and crane animations

Alpha Mesh available from Source.

Basic Mesh:


First Draft Textures:


View from hangar control room:


Internal buildings: