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AscensionUltra / Vertical Launch Complex

Vertical Launch Complex

The Vertical Launch Complex(VLC) consists of 2 identical launch pads. Each VLC is a more complex version of the GPLP from Wideawake International.

  • Main features:
    • Static VAB
    • Animated Service Structure and mlp.
    • Animated Grapple arms/tower
    • Can accommodate rockets up to 120m in height.
    • All functions controlled through the MFD
    • Beacon arrays to accompany animations
  • Secondary features:
    • Save and restore of Service Structure and mlp positions and states
    • UMMU compatible passenger transfers- can egree/ingress to/from passenger lounge to vessels
    • MFD controlled rocket attachment control for roll-out

First draft Meshes Pre-roll-out config: Service Structure and mlp at VAB:


Pre-Launch config: Service Tower and mlp in position at tower.


Launch config: Service Tower returning to VAB, mlp at tower.