Allow the server to spawn a Community Vessel

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Hi Face I would like the ability to be able to define a vessel (ISS) or a Launch Pad (SSU LC39 & MLP) in the server.XML for multiple clients to use or share. The problem is if you define a ISS for example each client that joins also spawns a ISS then you have multiple ISS's. Can the server be made to spawn a ISS or pad/station/vessel on startup without any clients connected by simply adding it to server.xml file? I think this would be good for the VSA's to be able to work on a community project OFSS for example

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  1. Friedrich Kastner-Masilko repo owner
    • changed status to open

    This is actually in the TODO. But instead of a "simple" entry in the server.xml, it will be a so-called "container-client" that should enable persistence. The server itself is not capable of propagating objects, as it is no physics simulator.

  2. Gordon MacPherson
    • changed version to 0.7

    face perhaps for this you could make an API available so that they could network there Community use vessel.

    e.g. so they could sync custom fuel tanks on the station for refuelling other ships, I'm sure others could think of other uses.

  3. Friedrich Kastner-Masilko repo owner

    The idea here is to create a "hand-over" infrastructure. I.e. you can hand-over your vessel to the container-client, so he propagates it for you. Of course you can also get control back, or give it to someone else. That way certain interactions can be done without API and special commands. I don't really want to base OMP features on whether or not someone implements them especially in his addon.

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