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It's not really useful any more thanks to the canary channel, but I'm leaving the repository here anyway. However I don't really recommend using it!

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Chromium Constantly Bleeding Edge

A utility to download the latest build of Chromium, and run the installer, so that every time you restart the browser, you're always running on the bleeding edge. Exciting!


  • Does not require you to manually check for updates (like how Chromium Nightly Updater works)
  • Automatically downloads the build, and won't launch a browser to get the file.
  • It uses Windows' Background Intelligent Transfer Service (it downloads via unused bandwidth, will not affect any other programs)
  • It also uses the Background I/O mode introduced in Windows Vista, so the installer has has a minimal impact on system performance

Usage: Create a task in Windows Task Scheduler, with the following parameters:

  • Run with highest privileges (CCBE itself does not require this, but in order to launch the mini installer without a UAC prompt)
  • Launch program when the user logs in
  • Repeat task every 30 minutes

Note: This project requires SharpBITS which is included for convenience in the download.