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+HUD Time
+Created by Factor Mystic
+Thanks for checking out HUD Time! It's ok to hack on this program and host
+modifications yourself, but please leave this README.txt file intact and
+keep a link back to the original project site.
+Also, this project is open source (link on project page), so it'd be great
+if you forked that repository and committed your changes back!
+Thanks, and have fun!
 	width: 221px;
 	height: 294px;
 	margin: 0px;
+	position: relative;
 table {
 	border-collapse: collapse;
+.about {
+	position: absolute;
+	bottom: 0px;
+	left: 0px;
 .menusurround {
 	position: absolute;
 	overflow-x: hidden;
   <name>HUD Time</name>
-  <version value="" MinPlatformVersion ="0.3"></version>
+  <version value="" MinPlatformVersion ="0.3"></version>
   <copyright>&#169; 2009</copyright>
   <description>"Heads up display" style time and date</description>
   <author name="Factor Mystic">
     <info url="" />
+  <icons>
+    <icon src="images/logo.png" />
+  </icons>
     <host name="sidebar">


New image
 			<table id="tdFonts" style="position:absolute; top:0px; left:0px;" cellspacing="0" onMouseOut="javascript:fontPicker.mouseOver(false, this.rows((event.srcElement.parentNode.rowIndex!=null) ? event.srcElement.parentNode.rowIndex : event.srcElement.parentNode.parentNode.rowIndex))" onMouseOver="javascript:fontPicker.mouseOver(true, this.rows((event.srcElement.parentNode.rowIndex!=null) ? event.srcElement.parentNode.rowIndex : event.srcElement.parentNode.parentNode.rowIndex));" onClick="javascript:fontPicker.setFont(event.srcElement.parentNode.rowIndex); fontPicker.showFontMenu(-1, 0, 0); event.cancelBubble=true;"></table>
+		<div class="about">
+			<a href="">HUD Time homepage</a>
+		</div>