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is ther a way to change the size of the gadget... i find it a bit too big on my desktop...?

if there's an option to do this i cant find it for the life of me...

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  1. Anonymous

    1. Open hudtime.gadget with WinRAR (or other) archivator. 2. Copy Content.html from the archive. 3. Open Content.html with NotePad. 4. Find a line: day = bg.addTextObject(d[dDateInfo.getDay()], fonttype, FontSize, "white", 0, 10); also month, date, time FontSize parameter is what you looking for - change it. 5. Copy modified Content.html back to the archive. 6. Save and run new version of hudtime.gadget 7. Look what you've done.

    Be careful, there are some align options, that control appearance of text lines. It may looks not as good as you want. ; )

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