Name collision with another Debian package

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Rowan Thorpe
created an issue

Hi. I just noticed that another Debian package which is already in the repos (in sid at least) called cclive installs an executable to /usr/bin/ccl, which of course collides horribly with ccl installed. I don't know which package will have to do the renaming, but to me it seems cclive should stick with ..."cclive".

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  1. Faheem Mitha repo owner

    Hi Rowan.

    I'm flabbergasted that anyone is actually looking at this packaging. I agree that the name conflict is a problem, but ccl isn't in Debian yet. I made an abortive attempt to get the prerequisite ccl-ffigen in (see This was rejected by someone on the ftpmaster team. I think they thought this was a fork of gcc. Anyway, I haven't followed up since.

    Thanks for reporting the issue anyway, and if you have questions about the packaging you can contact me directly at faheem at faheem dot info.

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