Welcome to RRF RSS Feed.

I created this little chunk of code because:

  1. I needed it for a project
  2. I wanted to share more code
  3. I wanted to learn more about CocoaPods
  4. I wanted to mess with blocks
  5. There is no 5

This code is based on the RSS 2.0 specification. It may not be a 100% implementation, now, or ever. See item #1 above for my reasoning.

Please read this prior to pulling the code and building.

You need to make sure you're setup to use CocoaPods.


  • If you don't have Cocoapods installed you can install with gem install cocoapods.
  • After cloning the app for the first time on a machine run pod install in the root directory to install all linked pods.
  • After pulling in new changes run pod update to make sure that everything is up to date.

Open Source Projects

This application makes use of the following open source project(s).

  • TouchXML - TouchXML is a lightweight replacement for Cocoa's NSXML

Rob Fahrni - August 2, 2014 Visalia, CA