Guineapy is a mail server that does smtp relay, smtp reception+local delivery, provides access to the mails with POP3, give a (preliminary) IMAP access to the same mails.

It sports SSL encryption for POP3 and IMAP protocols.

The relay server can be forced to use some specific hosts for some domains, or can just try to find the final destination itself using MX resolution.

We added a bare-bone web interface to manage local mailboxes and passwords.

Quick Start

You should first of all rename all -sample files into proper files (ie: guineapy.conf-sampe -> guineapy.conf).

Then you should edit those files to suite yours needs. These files contain comments and exemples.

Then and only then should you run the script. This script will create the database structure for the security model and create an administrator user to go with it.

The first thing you should do is CHANGE THE ADMIN PASSWORD... I know this is not easy nor documented yet... The default admin credentials are:


Mailboxes Management

One quick word of warning: if you create a mailbox through the web interface it does to things:

  • it creates a mailbox for the user in your maildir (specified in guineapy.conf)
  • it creates a user in the database for the correponding login/password

You MUST create a mailbox with the full domain name. ie: And this mailbox name will ALSO be the username you'll need to use in your mail client.

This is nice because it means you can easily manage more than one domain on the same server

Have fun!