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-# enable build from distribution:
+# enable build from opensymphony common dir:
     <property name="jar.includes.weblogic" value="**/weblogic/**,**/WebLogic*" />
     <property name="skip.tests" value="true"/>
+    <property file=""/>
-    <property name="" value="../opensymphony/common/osbuild.xml"/>
+	<copy todir="${basedir}" failonerror="false" overwrite="true">
+        <fileset file="${}/osbuild.xml" />
+        <fileset file="${}/EMPTY.MF" />
+    </copy>
-	<import file="${}"/>
+    <property name="" value="./osbuild.xml"/>
+	<import file="${}"/>
 	<property name="src.jboss" value="${src}/jboss"/>
 	<property name="" value="${src}/oracle"/>
 	<property name="src.weblogic" value="${src}/weblogic"/>
     <available property="oracle.present" classname="oracle.sql.BLOB" classpathref="cp"/>
     <available property="weblogic.present" classname="weblogic.logging.NonCatalogLogger" classpathref="cp"/>
   	<available property="jboss.present" classname="org.jboss.system.ServiceMBeanSupport" classpathref="cp"/>
     <target name="compile" depends="common.compile">
+      <rmic classname="org.quartz.core.QuartzScheduler" classpath="${}" base="${}"/>
       <copy filtering="no" todir="${}" file=""/>
 	  <antcall target="compile.features.jboss" />
             <fileset dir="examples/dist"/>
-    	<copy todir="${dist}">
-            <fileset file="${}" />
-        </copy>
+    	<copy todir="${dist}" file="${basedir}/osbuild.xml" />
+    	<copy todir="${dist}" file="${basedir}/EMPTY.MF" />

File examples/build.xml

     <property name="docs.packages" value="org.quartz.*"/>
     <property name="skip.tests" value="true"/>
-    <property name="" value="../../opensymphony/common/osbuild.xml"/>
+    <property name="" value="../osbuild.xml"/>
     <import file="${}"/>
 	<!-- overridden paths (must be *after* the import!) -->