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Issue number: QUARTZ-349
Added description for all quartz jars
Also added description of contents of doc/dbTables


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 What is in this package?
+quartz-all-<ver>.jar		all in one Quartz library.  Includes the core 
+							Quartz components plus all optional packages.  If 
+							you use this library, no other quartz-*.jars are 
+							necessary.
+quartz-<ver>.jar			core Quartz library.
+quartz-jboss-<ver>.jar		optional JBoss specific Quartz extensions such as
+							the Quartz startup MBean, QuartzService.
+quartz-oracle-<ver>.jar		optional Oracle specific Quartz extensions such as
+							the OracleDelegate.
+quartz-weblogic-<ver>.jar	optional WebLogic specific Quartz extensions such
+							as the WebLogicDelegate.
 build.xml             		an "ANT" build file, for building Quartz.
 readme.txt            		this file (duh!).
 docs/wikidocs               the main documentation for Quartz.  Start with
                             the "index.html"
+docs/dbTables				sql scripts for creating Quartz database tables in
+							a variety of different databases.                            
 src/java/org/quartz   		the main package of the Quartz project,
                       		containing the 'public' (client-side) API for
                       		the scheduler
 webapp						a directory containing a simple web-app for managing
 							Quartz schedulers.
-lib                   		a directory containing a build of Quartz
-                      		(quartz.jar) and which should contain all of the
+lib                   		a directory which should contain all of the
                       		third-party libraries that are needed in order
                       		to use all of the features of Quartz. (Some are
                       		not automatically there, but you need to get them