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-Start of Plightbo buffer: Thu Sep 27 16:46:16 2007
-[15:20] jhouserizer: hey pat, long time no chat.  Got a minute for an OpenSymphony infrastructure question?
-[15:20] Plightbo: not at this exact minute, but maybe in like 15?
-[15:21] jhouserizer: sure.  if you can ping me back that'd be great.
-[16:22] Plightbo: hey
-[16:22] Plightbo: a little more than 15 minutes, but better late than never :)
-[16:23] Plightbo: what's up?
-[16:30] jhouserizer: ok, a couple things. one specific, one vague ;-)
-[16:30] jhouserizer: 1) how do I go about adding a user to SVN access these days?
-[16:31] Plightbo: we need to hook up to the LDAP directory
-[16:31] Plightbo: and he needs to sign up for an LDAP account
-[16:31] jhouserizer: I think I did that once, like a year ago ...
-[16:31] Plightbo: let me get the URL
-[16:31] Plightbo:
-[16:31] Plightbo: it says OpenQA, but it's for OpenSymphony :)
-[16:32] jhouserizer: yea, I remember that bit.
-[16:32] jhouserizer: so he goes there and "creates" and account.
-[16:32] Plightbo: yes
-[16:32] jhouserizer: then I tweak it in LDAP so he has access
-[16:32] Plightbo: then we add via a little tool called JXplorer
-[16:32] jhouserizer: yeah, you showed me that once.  I'll see if I can pull it off.
-[16:32] Plightbo: do you need the LDAP password?
-[16:33] jhouserizer: yes, it looks like JXplorer didn't remember the host information nor password etc.
-[16:34] Plightbo: base DN: dc=opensymphony,dc=com
-[16:34] Plightbo: host:
-[16:34] Plightbo: port 389
-[16:34] Plightbo: level: user + password
-[16:34] Plightbo: user DN: cn=Manager,dc=opensymphony,dc=com
-[16:34] Plightbo: password: @MjZ9jHwO%
-[16:34] jhouserizer: thx.  I'll get a whirl and hassle you again if need be ;-)
-[16:35] jhouserizer: s/get/give
-[16:35] jhouserizer: My "vague" question was just kind of what's up with OS these days?
-[16:36] Plightbo: good question
-[16:36] Plightbo: it hasn't gotten much love for like a year
-[16:36] jhouserizer: Anyone really doing anything? Seems like WebWork leaving pretty well killed it off
-[16:36] Plightbo: still is a lot of webwork dev, plus xwork, but the community seems to have fragmented a bit, i agree
-[16:37] Plightbo: i'd like to do a site redesign sometime, and also possibly introduce a few projects
-[16:37] Plightbo: perhaps bigbark's code, if that isn't too far off from the OS objective
-[16:37] Plightbo: only Hani would object to bigbark, and i think he's kind of over being a pain about it
-[16:38] jhouserizer: yeah, that would be a good look.
-[16:39] jhouserizer: We're stuggling to get another Quartz release out.
-[16:39] Plightbo: we also have funds
-[16:39] jhouserizer: don't know if you're still on the mail list / forum, but progress is *slow* due to time resources
-[16:39] Plightbo: so we could try to use money to incentivize
-[16:39] jhouserizer: i'd definitely be for that.
-[16:40] jhouserizer: We're in progress of switching a couple WebWork projects to Struts 2, but in the mean time also keeping up with the last WebWork releases on other projects.
-[16:41] Plightbo: what do you think about bigbark? or any other projects? i could try to resurrect Able
-[16:41] jhouserizer: What are you using for development these days?  If IIRCC seems like you were into Stripes or something.
-[16:41] jhouserizer: to comments on the same topic but different angles there ;-)
-[16:42] Plightbo: well, actually, i don't do much with struts or stripes
-[16:42] Plightbo: lots of rich web stuff
-[16:42] Plightbo: Trimpath JS templates, YUI, Ext, and DWR
-[16:42] Plightbo: those are things i've been working on
-[16:42] Plightbo: and i've been thinking about maybe making a framework based on that
-[16:42] Plightbo: just for shits and giggles
-[16:42] jhouserizer: BigBark's structure is pretty cool, though I have some issues with how it will break down under high load.
-[16:43] Plightbo: what issues?
-[16:43] jhouserizer: I can't recall precisely at the moment!  But I made some notes somewhere.
-[16:44] jhouserizer: Hani sure wasn't excited about Able.
-[16:45] jhouserizer: I actually have to run out right now.  I'd like to discuss more though some time soon.  Thanks for the info on the SVN access.
-End of Plightbo buffer: Thu Sep 27 16:46:16 2007

File notes/account_mappings.txt

-bayard = henri
-eagle79 = aaron
-perfnorm = jasper
-pl47pus = adi