You are looking at the top level of the FreeCalypso host tools package.  All
tools in this package have been written to run on a Unix-based or Unix-like
host system, such as a GNU/Linux PC or laptop, with the expectation that the
user will compile them from the source using her regular system C compiler.
See INSTALL for installation instructions.  Most of these tools interface to
and operate on Calypso-based GSM devices, while a few perform some ancillary
functions.  Please see doc/Host-tools-overview for the listing of what tools
are available and what they do.

The most commonly needed tool for flashing firmware images (fc-loadtool) and
some of the more rarely needed tools (fc-xram, fc-iram when used with Mot C1xx
phones, and fc-buzplay) have target-side components, i.e., a part of their
functionality is implemented in Calypso ARM7 code pieces which these tools feed
to the Calypso chip's boot ROM or to Mot/Compal's bootloader on Mot C1xx phones.
The most important of these ARM7 code pieces is loadagent (implements flash
reading and writing, hardware peeks and pokes, and the chain loading function
for fc-xram) which is needed for all of our supported Calypso targets (it is
also common to all of them, no variants), and the second most important piece
is compalstage, which is needed for Compal (Mot C1xx) phones only.

If you are working with a packaged release of FC host tools, as opposed to a
random snapshot of the source tree, precompiled binaries for loadagent and
compalstage will be included in the target-bin directory, otherwise you will
need to build them from source: the source for loadagent and compalstage (plus
a few extra target utilities that are of interest only to developers) resides
in target-utils, and you will first need to build and install a special ARM7
gcc toolchain as explained in the INSTALL document.

There is a good amount of documentation included in the doc directory, and
there is more documentation in our dedicated freecalypso-docs repository: