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File doc/compilers.rst

          requires the ``cssmin`` package.
 :jsmin: :pypi:`jsmin`, A Python port of Douglas Crockford's ``jsmin``,
         requires the ``jsmin`` package.
+:closure: :pypi:`closure`, A Python wrapper around the `Google Closure
+.. _`Google Closure Compiler`:
+Hiding source files
+You can prevent the Fanstatic publisher from serving the source files
+in by using the :doc:`ignores <configuration>` configuration option.
 Writing compilers
       'fanstatic.compilers': [
-          'coffee = fanstatic.compiler:COFFE_COMPILER',
+          'coffee = fanstatic.compiler:COFFEE_COMPILER',
       'fanstatic.minifiers': [
           'jsmin = fanstatic.compiler:JSMIN_MINIFIER',

File doc/configuration.rst

 available. If no minified version is available, the default resource
 will be served.
+You can prevent the Fanstatic publisher from publishing certain files and
+directories by using the ``ignores`` option.  You can leave the source files
+of your graphics and client side logic near the result files without worrying
+about Fanstatic 'leaking' this information.  The ``ignores`` option accepts a
+list of glob patterns.
 Bundling of resources minimizes HTTP requests from the client by finding
 efficient bundles of resources. In order to configure bundling of resources,
-set the ``bundle`` argument to True. 
+set the ``bundle`` argument to True.
 .. [#well] Well, for 10 years into the future at least.