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+Injector plugins
+Fanstatic allows you to write your own injector plugins. Injector plugins take
+care of injecting the needed resources into the HTML of the response.
+The default injector plugin is the "TopBottomInjector", which injects
+resources into the top (the head section) and bottom (before the closing body
+tag) of the page.
+To write your own injector plugin, you need to do the following::
+  from fanstatic.injector import InjectorPlugin
+  class MyInjector(InjectorPlugin):
+      name = 'mine'
+      def __init__(self, options):
+          """Optionally, you can control the configuration of the injector
+          plugin here. The options are taken from the local_conf of the paste
+          deploy configuration. Don't forget to super()."""
+      def __call__(self, html, needed, request=None, response=None):
+          """Render the needed resources into the html.
+             The request and response arguments are
+             webob Request and Response objects that may be relevant for how
+             you want to inject the resources.
+             You may want to group the resources in the needed resources.
+             For every group call self.make_inclusion(), which will return an
+             Inclusion object. Calling render() on an Inclusion object,
+             will return an html snippet, which you can then include in the
+             html.
+          """
+          needed_html = self.make_inclusion(needed).render()
+          return html.replace('<head>', '<head>%s' % needed_html, 1)
+After writing the plugin code, register the plugin through the
+"fanstatic.injectors" entry point.
+An example of an injector plugin with configuration taken from paste deploy
+can be found in the :pypi:`sylva.fanstatic` package.

File doc/paste_deploy.rst

   bundle = true
+Use compilation or resources::
+  compile = true
+Configure an injector plugin, by name::
+  injector = foo
 A complete ``[filter:fanstatic]`` section could look like this::