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Ensure bundled resources are delivered with correct Content-Type header

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 0.15 (unreleased)
-- Nothing changed yet.
+- Ensure published bundles carry the correct Content-Type header. Previously,
+  all bundles were delivered with `text/html`.
 0.14 (2012-10-30)


         return webob.Response(
+            **


     needed = NeededResources(resources=[x1, x2, x4, x5], bundle=True)
     assert needed.render() == '''<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/fanstatic/foo/:bundle:a.css;b.css" />
 <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/fanstatic/foo/subdir/subdir/:bundle:x4.css;x5.css" />'''


     request = webob.Request.blank('/fanstatic/foo/test.js')
     response = request.get_response(delegator)
     assert response.body == b'/* a test */'
+    assert response.content_type == 'text/javascript'
     # A deeper fanstatic.
     request = webob.Request.blank('/foo/bar/fanstatic/foo/test.js')
     response = request.get_response(delegator)
     assert response.body == b'/* a test */'
+    assert response.content_type == 'text/javascript'
     request = webob.Request.blank('/somethingelse')
     response = request.get_response(delegator)
     assert response.body == 'Hello world!'
+    #Default content type from WebOb
+    assert response.content_type == 'text/html'
 def test_publisher_ignores(tmpdir):
     assert response.body == b'''/* a test 1 */
 /* a test 2 */'''
     assert response.cache_control.max_age is None
+    assert response.content_type == 'text/javascript'
     request = webob.Request.blank('/foo/:version:123/:bundle:test1.js;test2.js')
     response = request.get_response(app)
     assert response
     assert response.cache_control.max_age is not None
+    assert response.content_type == 'text/javascript'
     # Dirty bundles yield a 404:
     request = webob.Request.blank('/foo/:bundle:test1.js;test2.js;test1.js')
     assert response.body == b'''r1
+    assert response.content_type == 'text/css'
     # An incorrect bundle, as the order of the paths does not correspond to
     # the dependency order of the Resources.
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