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merge jj-fanstatic-publisher-as-app

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   are wrapping to choke on the NotImplementedError raised by
+- Update entry points in order to use the fanstatic Publisher used as an
+  application instead of a filter, for instance in a configuration
+  with paste.urlmap.
 1.0a3 (2013-08-12)


         return self.publisher(environ, start_response)
-def make_publisher(app, global_config,
-                   publisher_signature=fanstatic.DEFAULT_SIGNATURE):
-    publisher = Publisher(fanstatic.LibraryRegistry.instance())
-    return Delegator(app, publisher, publisher_signature=publisher_signature)
+def make_publisher(global_config):
+    return Publisher(fanstatic.LibraryRegistry.instance())
         'paste.filter_app_factory': [
             'fanstatic = fanstatic:make_fanstatic',
-            'publisher = fanstatic:make_publisher',
             'injector = fanstatic:make_injector',
         'paste.app_factory': [
             'serf = fanstatic:make_serf',
+            'publisher = fanstatic:make_publisher',
         'fanstatic.injectors': [
             'topbottom = fanstatic.injector:TopBottomInjector',


-def test_publisher_config():
-    publisher = make_publisher(None, {}, publisher_signature='foo')
-    assert publisher.trigger == '/foo/'
-    assert is None
 def test_fanstatic_config():
     d = {
         'versioning': 't',
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