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Martijn Faassen
Extend API documentation.
Martijn Faassen
autodoc so we can generate doc from api. Experimentally do this.
Martijn Faassen
A paste_deploy doc, not filled in yet.
Martijn Faassen
use sphinxbuilder recipe. use a bit of a hack to set the paths right by using a custom interpreter, devpython.
Jan-Jaap Driessen
Also need the paster configuration parsing in the Fanstatic component.
some quick search\&replace in the README.txt that actually needs a complete rewrite...
remove library_by_name() as it is superseeded by the libray_registry now
first few tests for LibraryRegistry. There needs to be test though for the "lazy" loading.
Martijn Faassen
A few improvements.
remove libraries iterator
fix keys() for LibraryRegistry
kinda lazily load the entry points to prevent circular imports, fix make_fanstatic middleware factory
entry point for the fanstatic middleware, fix entry point for inject middleware.
implement a LibraryRegistry class to have an "official" API for adding and removing libraries, for example from tests
a first few tests for the intergrated "fanstatic" wsgi component that combines injection and publishing. esp. the pusblishing part needs tests
Jan-Jaap Driessen
Automated merge with ssh://
Jan-Jaap Driessen
Fix typo and update API imports.
import publihser wsgi components as well
Fanstatic-middleware combining the inject and the publisher functionality into one. Fixes #2
use "app" like in the publisher middleware.
try to re-order the factory arguments/configuration option more logically. it still feels a bit ad-hoc-ish though.
check the config options for the inject middleware against the NeededInclusions object asap. This will get you errors on startup, not on runtime
Automated merge with ssh://
Jan-Jaap Driessen
When the base_url and publisher_signature are both empty strings, still render URLs that make sense.
rename wsgi --> inject, new wsgi module for combined publisher/inject middleware
rename into more aptly named
tests for ignored extensions and VCS names
file sorting differs from platform to platform, and so we use circumstantial evidence for the compute checksum for changed and removed and renamed files
Martijn Faassen
Extend the documentation.
Martijn Faassen
Add start of quickstart.
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