Jan-Jaap Driessen committed c7d966e

include the _mode in calculation of the relpath.

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File fanstatic/

             if minified is not None or debug is not None:
                 raise ConfigurationError('Cannot set minified or debug version of compile Resource.')
-            # YYY move?
+            # XXX move?
             # Calculate relpath based on the source extension + compiler
-            self.relpath = self.compiler.target_path(self.source)
+            self.relpath = self.compiler.target_path(self.source, mode=self._mode)
             if self.library.devmode:
                 # In devmode, the compiler should be available.
                     # XXX Should be a part of the Resource instantiation, not here.
                     if not os.path.exists(target_fullpath):
                         raise ProcessedResourceNotFoundError("Minified file for %s does not exist: %s" % (self, target_fullpath))
-            elif self.compiler is not None and self.compiler.minified:
-                # If a compiler was found and it exposes minifying behavior, 
-                # use the compiler.
-                self.relpath = self.compiler.target_path(self.relpath, mode=self._mode)
-        if self._mode == DEBUG:
-            if self.compiler is not None and self.compiler.debug:
-                self.relpath = self.compiler.target_path(self.relpath, mode=self._mode)
         self.modes = {}