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request and response are optional

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         if minified is True:
             self._mode = MINIFIED
-    def make_inclusion(self, needed, resources):
+    def make_inclusion(self, needed, resources=None):
         """Helper to create an Inclusion passing all the options
         configured in the configuration file.
-        return Inclusion(needed, resources,
+        return Inclusion(needed, resources=resources,
             compile=self._compile, bundle=self._bundle,
             mode=self._mode, rollup=self._rollup)
-    def __call__(self, html, needed, request, response):
+    def __call__(self, html, needed, request=None, response=None):
+        """
+        Render the needed resources into the html.
+        The request and response arguments are, if given,
+        webob Request and Response objects.
+        """
         raise NotImplementedError