Issue #65 resolved

Support for <head> entries that must go before resource inclusions

Patrick Gerken avatarPatrick Gerken created an issue


apparently, Microsoft believes that most Intranet sites suck at html. Thats the easiest explanation why IE renders every site it considers an intranet site in the compatible mode (its the I suck at rendering mode).

There is one way to fix that, you can tell IE with a special tag in the head area to render the page in a specific (ie modern) IE rendering mode.

But this header only works, if it appears BEFORE the css and js inclusions.

So it would be nice to either have a fake requirement that can add this header, or way to declare that resources should be included at the end of the head section.

I had this problem months ago, I didn't file a bug because apparently, setting this as a http header also did the trick. Now I file it because I was asked for it @europython.

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