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Issue #17 resolved

LibraryRegistry shouldn't use entry_point.name

created an issue

I see LibraryRegistry use entry_point.name, but I think that this is wrong: it should use library.name to register the libraries. The entry point name is immaterial.

If we don't do it this way, developers will need to make sure that the library name is the same as the entry point name, and that's annoying.

Comments (7)

  1. faassen reporter

    Unless we have a use case that we want to publish the same library multiple times under different names. But I don't see that use case.

  2. Jan-Wijbrand Kolman

    Ah, right! We might think we should use library.name for the registration in the LibraryRegistry, but we can't! The whole point is that the library cannot be loaded just yet when the registry is setup as it might result in circular import errors.

  3. faassen reporter

    entry point names should not be relevant, and we should simplify things.

    We have a design issue concerning initialization. We should design matters so that the creation of the global registry is as independent of everything else as possible. Let's design matters so that the libraries (based on entry points or whatever) can be passed to the library registry upon initialization. We can then pass the registry instance to the Fanstatic middleware explicitly when it is being set up.

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