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Issue #20 new

window between hash change and URL change

created an issue

Imagine a resource is changed so that the hash is changed. Someone may still have a reference to the resource using an old hash. If we prevent requests using non-valid hashes (to avoid cache pollution, see issue on that), they will get a 404. We need to think about the various use cases.

Comments (3)

  1. Jan-Jaap Driessen

    I am -1 on serving 404s on old hashes. We can't assume that the time between generating a URL and the client requesting this URL is within a certain timeframe. Here's two examples:

    1. use fanstatic URLs in e-mail messages. The time between sending the email and the client reading it is undetermined.
    2. the safari web browser keeps a list of favorite pages, also if these pages where originally dynamicly created.

    My opinion doesn't mitigate #19 however.

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