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Issue #34 resolved

pass needed resources into WSGI environ

created an issue

we need to make sure we pass the needed resources into the WSGI environ too, so that get_needed() isn't the only way to make things work.

Comments (3)

  1. Jan-Jaap Driessen

    Should this be a thread.local or WSGI environ choice with a corresponding configuration option? Or shall we for now do both? I can imagine if a consumer of fanstatic is really shared-nothing, he/she doesn't want to have thread.local touched and only find the information in the WSGI environ.

  2. faassen reporter

    I'm +1 on doing both for now, as that's low-hanging fruit. For true shared-nothing, I think we're close enough already and if someone shows up who needs it we can point them into the right direction.

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