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pip installs packages in develop mode

Jan-Jaap Driessen
created an issue

I followed the steps in the doc/quickstart page and found out that pip installs packages differenly from setuptools' easy_install.

This trips up the development mode detection in and means that URLs will not have the correct version identifier.

Compare: {{{


$ virtualenv --no-site-packages foo New python executable in foo/bin/python2.6 ... $ foo/bin/pip install js.jquery Downloading/unpacking js.jquery ... $ foo/bin/python -c "import pkg_resources; print pkg_resources.get_provider(pkg_resources.Requirement.parse('js.jquery')).precedence" -1 $ foo/bin/easy_install js.yui Searching for js.yui ... $ foo/bin/python -c "import pkg_resources; print pkg_resources.get_provider(pkg_resources.Requirement.parse('js.yui')).precedence" 3 }}}

The change in behavior is acceptable in my opinion. Currently I don't use pip in my projects, so I am not inclined to fix this.

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