fanstatic js.* libraries are out of date

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Antti Haapala
created an issue

There seems to be no activity on the js.* libraries for quite a long time. I'd propose that some kind of automated pipeline be made for example for JQuery, and JQueryUI that'd automatically upload new versions to SCM, and then sdists to PyPI. I could volunteer for hosting the tool ;)

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  1. Jan-Jaap Driessen

    Hi @Antti Haapala , my apologies for the late reply, I was on holidays. You might want to consider having a look at BowerStatic - a continuation of the fanstatic work based on bower packages. When we started fanstatic and the js.* family of python packages, bower wasn't the de facto js packaging mechanism. If you still want to use fanstatic, I can give you pypi/bitbucket/github rights to the packages you want to have access to.

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