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Fantom Wiki / Community Resources


  • Camembert - Lightweight IDE, written in Fantom.
  • F4 - A full-featured Eclipse IDE for Fantom.
    • FPM for F4 - an F4 plugin that provides FPM dependency resolution.

Online IDEs

  • Fantom Coding Ground - A virtual file system and command prompt to create and run Fantom mini-projects.
  • IDEOne - Easily fork, run, and share Fantom samples.

Pod / Library Repositories


Server Environments

  • Heroku - Deploy Fantom Apps to Heroku
  • Linode - Guides for getting Fantom up and running on Debian Linode.
  • OpenShift - Deploy Fantom Apps to RedHat's OpenShift
  • Docker - Deploy Fantom with Docker

Compiler Backend

Tools (Command Line)


  • brainfuck-fantom - Brainfuck interpreter in Fantom programming language
  • Fantex - Online Fantom Regular Expression Editor



  • Eggbox - Pod repository and website
  • Explorer - File explorer and Fandoc editor
  • FantomCMS - A functional, modular content management system.

If you have an Open Source Fantom project, or know of one, please add it to the list!