Fantom v1.0.71 for Windows

Written for: Fantom Licence: ISC


Download the latest installer on the Downloads Page.

This is a Windows installer for the Fantom Programming Language.

It installs Fantom 1.0.71, compete with SWT for 64 bit platforms, and sets all required environment variables.

Issues related to this installer may be reported on the issues page.

Installer Screenshot

The Installer

The installer contains the standard Fantom distribution as available here and unpacks it into the selected directory.

The installer then sets and updates the FAN_HOME and PATH environment variables. If Fantom is installed for "Just Me" then the user's environment variables are set. If installed for "All Users" then the System environment variables are updated.

What's in it?

This distribution differs slightly from the official distribution as this download also contains support for SWT / FWT on 64 bit Windows.

etc/sys/config.props has also been altered slighly:

  • errTraceMaxDepth has been increased from 25 to 50 to give longer stack traces
  • debug has been set to true to enable JVM debugging in IDE's like F4

Also, this download doesn't contain those annoying .DS_Store junk files for MacOS!

Fantom Work Directory

If you wish to keep your Fantom installation pristine and clean, then set up a work directory by setting these optional environment variables:

set FAN_ENV=util::PathEnv
set FAN_ENV_PATH=%UserProfile%\fantom-workDir

See Path Env for details.


The installer assumes the system already has Java installed. JRE 1.7 or later is required to run Fantom programs.

Built by NSIS

The installer was created with NSIS 3.02.1 and built with the large strings variant to work around problems inherent with altering the PATH environment variable.

The /SOLID lzma compressor created the smallest installer.


Fantom is licensed under the Academic Free Licence and this installer is licensed under the ISC Licence.