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Issue #24 duplicate

Deleting an Attachment

created an issue


is it possible to implement a function for deleting an attachment on an issue?

For example:

issue.DeleteAttachment(string issueKey, string fileID) or attachment.Delete()

Thx, Michael

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  1. michael_lb reporter

    Hey, this sounds good using REST instead.

    I think this project is great and very good work! As you mentioned before you do this in your spare time, so is there still planned to publish a release soon?! :-)

    Best greets, Michael

  2. Federico Silva Armas repo owner

    Hi Michael, unfortunately I introduced a regression with my change to support setting custom fields for action (good thing for integration tests that caught it).

    I didn't get a chance to work on it until now, once I fix that I will publish a new version.

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