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Stephen Clarke created an issue

How would you feel about adding support for some (or all) of the Agile API?


I'm particularly interested in working with boards and sprints. I have tested using the API with jira.RestClient.ExecuteRequestAsync and it works as expected. I think the main decision would be if/how you'd want to integrate it.

Again, I'm happy to get involved but figured it's easier to discuss it upfront.

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  1. Federico Silva Armas repo owner

    I am ok with adding support for it. I already added support for the "Sprint" custom field that was needed by another user.

    Could you write a proposal of how the API would look like from the consumer's perspective?


  2. Geoff Hudik

    This would be great. Something like Jira.Sprints.GetSprintAsync(int sprintId) that corresponds to GET /rest/agile/1.0/sprint/{sprintId}. Also something like Jira.Sprints.GetActiveSprintsAsync() returning all where State != closed.

    I'm fine with querying issues for a sprint as can already be done with issue queries and ["Sprint"] and just having this return the basic sprint data like:

    "id": 37, "self": "", "state": "closed", "name": "sprint 1", "startDate": "2015-04-11T15:22:00.000+10:00", "endDate": "2015-04-20T01:22:00.000+10:00", "completeDate": "2015-04-20T11:04:00.000+10:00", "originBoardId": 5, "goal": "sprint 1 goal"

  3. Federico Silva Armas repo owner

    Support for JIRA agile is a big task that I do not have plans to undertake at the moment. If anybody is interested in working on this a submit a PR I would be happy to work with them on ideas to implement as well as patterns so that the library remains consistent.

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