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This is a tool to speed up opening issues to JIRA servers.

This uses Jira SOAP's API which has been deprecated.

Template list

Application starts in the tray and maintains a list of templates that you can use to quickly open JIRA issues. You can create and edit templates that hold pre-populated issue values to as many servers as you want.

Tray App

Create issue form

Create issue form

  1. Template: The name of the template (what appears on the tray menu).
  2. The summary of the issue.
  3. The description of the issue.
  4. Fields of the issue to create (also includes the data of the server). For fields that support it, a picker is available with valid values from server.
  5. List of attachments.
  6. Clears the list of attachments.
  7. Adds an attachment from disk to the list.
  8. Pastes the contents of the clipboard as an attachment (either as an image or text file). Really handy if you use a screen capturing tool like Jing.
  9. Template: Saves the values of current template.
  10. Template: Clones this template.
  11. Template: Deletes this template.
  12. Automatically closes the form when an issue is created.
  13. Creates an issue with the current values.
  14. Closes the form without saving template or creating an issue

Last Created Issue

Application saves the last issue created as a template, this saves time if you need to open several bugs with some fields with the same value.

Implementation Notes

  • Uses the Atlassian .NET SDK to interact with JIRA.
  • Uses a SqlCE local database as storage.
  • On load it will create .sdf file in "AppData\Local\JiraTrayApp"
  • Build for .NET 4.0 runtime


I used this tool internally for my testing, please open issues or send feedback if you find it useful.

Federico Silva Armas