ADuC8xx Firmware Uploader

Analog Devices AD8xx family microcontrollers In System Programmer (ISP)

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Needs perl module Device::SerialPort

Works with Linux, Windows and FreeBSD.

Supported devices: ADUC812, ADUC814, ADUC816, ADUC824, ADUC831, ADUC832, ADUC834, ADUC836, ADUC841, ADUC842, ADUC843, ADUC845, ADUC847, ADUC848

See the aduc8xx.txt in the distribution for detailed info; here below the --help output of the program:

# --help
ADuC8xx Programmer Version 1.3 (140401) - Copyright 2005-2014 PRECMA S.r.l.
Usage: aduc8xx [--opt1 [arg1[,arg2]] ... --optn [arg1[,arg2]]]
--help             Show options
--detect [baud]    Try to initiate the communication at the given baudrate
  (default 115200,9600, setting depends on your system clock - see aduc8xx.txt)
--eflash           Erase Flash Memory
--echip            Erase Flash & Data Memory
--quickmode s,b    Change the programming baud rate: s=T3CON:T3FD b=baudrate
  (available for the Timer 3 enabled derivates only - see aduc8xx.txt
   automatically enabled on default quartz speeds if module supports it)
--program hexfile  Program in the flash ROM the given hexfile
--data hexfile     Program in the data ROM the given hexfile
--security [mode]  Set Security mode (6=LOCK, 5=SECURE, 4=LOCK+SECURE (default),
                   0=SERIAL SAFE+SECURE+LOCK)
--bootload [E/D]   Enable (E) or disable (D) the custom bootloader startaddress
--run [hexaddr]    Execute user code from addr (hex, default 0)
--port p           Define serial port to use (i.e. /dev/ttyS0)
Bootloader is initiated by the --detect option and stopped by the --run option
Examples: --program dummy.hex --run
  Connect at 9600, switch to 115200 if chip supports, erase&program&run 0 --detect --echip --program dummy.hex --run 0
  Erase chip, program it @9600baud and start the code --detect --program dummy.hex --quickmode 8309,57600
  Erase chip, program it @57600baud (quickmode for ADuC842@32KHz)

Author: Fausto Marzoli, PRECMA S.r.l.


  • Fausto Marzoli
  • Anton Fedorov

Official repository on BitBucket. Mirror repository on GIT.