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What's b2bridge

b2bridge is a set of tools to help integrate box2d with cocos2d. b2bridge simply provide a way to bind one b2Body with one cocos2d object. So it's NOT a Objective-C wrapper for Box2d.

Classes and Usage


A subclass of b2ContactListener which delegate Box2d collision callback to contact.fixture.userData. All userData(s) should be Objective-C object.

b2Node.h, b2SpaceManager.h and b2Misc.h

b2Node and b2Sprite are special cocos2d objects with a b2Body property and methods to sync position, rotation between b2Body and CocosNode.

Utils to convert unit between b2Space and CCLayer.


A CCLayer wrapper debug draw from GLESDebugDraw.


  • Box2D.h
  • cocos2d.h
  • GTMObjectSingleton.h
  • GLES-Render.h